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What Are the Best Programming Languages for AI Development?

Even though it shares similarities with C and C++ in terms of the syntax used, Java has fewer low-level facilities than both. WORA simply means that a compiled Java code can be run on all platforms that support Java without recompiling. If you are looking to break into this exciting field, you may be wondering what level of programming skills you really need. With hundreds of languages to choose from, you are spoilt for choice of programming language. Prolog’s powerful pattern matching and metalevel reasoning capabilities make it an excellent AI programming language.

The engineers at MIT designed Julia keeping in mind all the requirements of modern AI development. It possesses remarkable speed, powerful computational capacity, easy script like syntax and much more, helping developers make the best AI programming. So let’s consider the top 8 AI programming languages of 2022. These languages have been consistently favoured by developers and hence, their usage and community have grown.

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It comes with an extensive standard library, including differential equations, optimization, and machine learning. It offers extensive graphical facilities for data analysis and display, either directly at the computer or on hardcopy devices — including interactive web-based interfaces such as Shiny. It has a rich set of libraries for data analysis and manipulation, such as Pandas, making it easy to work with the data. In fact, Python has become the “language of AI development” over the last decade—most AI systems are now developed in Python. You can use C++ for AI development, but it is not as well-suited as Python or Java.

  • Its notable feature is concise code, more readable and easier to write than other languages ​​like Java.
  • It is not a complete list of options for creating smart products.
  • The Java community is rich and active, allowing developers to learn from each other and think up new AI solutions faster.
  • Though Android developers have the option to work with Kotlin as well, Java is a native language for Android app development.
  • The adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning is growing at a fast pace.
  • In fact, Python has become the “language of AI development” over the last decade—most AI systems are now developed in Python.

Apart from decision tree formation, R stands out for its visualization package. This wide variety of machine learning techniques also includes supervised and unsupervised learning. Now, Python is the leading programming language for data analytics, sentiment analysis, and data science.

Explore What You Can Create With AI Programming

They’re all widely used in the AI community, so you’ll be able to find plenty of resources and help online. Lisp and Prolog are not as widely used as the languages mentioned above, but they’re still worth mentioning. C# has a wide range of available libraries and tooling support from Visual Studio. It’s designed specifically with statisticians in mind (unlike Python, which was designed as a general-purpose language). It has an effective data handling and storage facility, providing a wide variety of operators for calculations on arrays, lists, vectors and matrices.


Lisp has been around since the 60s and has been widely used for scientific research in the fields of natural languages, theorem proofs, and solving artificial intelligence problems. Lisp was originally created as a practical mathematical notation for programs, but eventually became a top choice of developers in the field of AI. Also, Lisp consists of a macro system, a well-developed compiler that can produce efficient code, and a library of collection types, including hashtables and dynamic-size lists. It was originally developed for Lambda Calculus computation, and since its inception, it has evolved a lot. Haskell in strong static typing, a non-strict programming language developed in 1990.

Python Poetry: A Poem for Python Dependency Management

Although templates are a powerful technique that can simplify most things, they require more time and experience to decide when their usage is appropriate. Well-supported large-scale projects, better user interaction, debugging ease, facilitated visualization, and incorporation of Swing and Standard Widget Toolkit. The best thing about the Java language is its Java Virtual Machine technology, which allows you to create a single app version for all Java-supported platforms. Its strengths are transparency, maintainability, and portability.

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Another advantage of the R programming language is its cross-platform compatibility. Even when R is performing tasks in its own language, ML engineers can mix it with other tools to optimize outcomes. Last but not least, R is a fairly easy programming language to learn. Furthermore, Prolog’s built-in lists make writing list-handling programs a breeze.

The Top Programming Languages in AI

With formerly Facebook coming up with new technological innovations like Meta, it’s worth exploring how artificial intelligence will impact the future of software development. COBOL is an old language that was created in the 1950s and 1960s. It was designed for business applications and isn’t really suited for anything else. C++ has also been found useful in widespread domains such as computer graphics, image processing, and scientific computing.

Which Language is Best for AI?

Python is the best language for AI. It is easy to learn, has a large community of developers, and has an extensive collection of frameworks, libraries, and codebases. However, Python has some criticisms—it can be slow, and its loose syntax may teach programmers bad habits.

best languages for ai has various sophisticated features, including type classes, which permit type-safe operator overloading. When it comes to deep learning, knowledge in this area is vital. We invite you to study this issue and consider what IT knowledge is needed to work on such projects. According to Statista, machine learning was one of the top three most in-demand technologies in 2020.

What is the Best Programming Language for AI?

Python is the easiest artificial intelligence programming language to learn thanks to its readability and intuitive syntax, which resembles that of natural English. Python’s simplicity makes code writing, maintenance, and enhancement faster and more accessible. The language is easy to organize and analyze, and Python’s clean visual layout uses whitespace generously. Because Android applications are often written in Java, Scala’s compatibility with Java makes the language useful for the development of AI-intensive Android applications.

It has a number of libraries specifically for machine learning, such as TensorFlow and Keras. It has simple, easy-to-learn syntax that emphasizes readability . C++ is difficult to use and has a very high barrier to entry. Few codebases and integrations are available for C++ because developers don’t use C++ as frequently as Python for AI development.

  • Though it has its drawbacks, Lisp is still a promising programming language for AI development.
  • Java by Oracle is one of the best programming languages available out there.
  • Moreover, Java is user-friendly, easy to learn, flexible, and quite versatile, among other things.
  • Java’s Virtual Machine Technology also allows developers to write and run consistent code across all supported platforms and quickly fabricate customized tools.
  • If you are building an AI-related product or service, we invite you to consider becoming an AI sponsor.
  • Java’s fast execution makes it especially well-suited for applications that require processing large amounts of data.

It is also difficult to learn compared to modern programming languages, and it lacks the community support and user interaction that Python and R have. Corporations like Apple and Disney, and organizations like NASA are using Julia to program some of their machine learning applications. This language excels in computational science and numerical analysis. Julia was designed to implement basic scientific computing queries and relatively simple mathematical models.

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